Cleanest fresh drinking water in the world?

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Does anyone know where the cleanest drinking water in the world is?

Very curious...
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    Straight off a glaciar in southern Patagonia...

    But, really, it's hard to say which country has the best water. Different places have different standards for different substances, so it's hard to quanitify which is worse or better. And not all water has the same nutrient load. I really don't trust the water anywhere at this point, especially since we have no idea what has been put in the ground...
  • I hear that in America at least, Mt. Shasta water is superb. Also if Trinity water from Arizona (i think) is also really good...a little spendy, but packed full of healthy minerals. I used to order "drinking" water from Sierra Springs home delivery, but once I found out where the water really comes from, I found something better. Never mind the Brita which only removes 8 contaminants, if you want the absolute best filter on the market get a multi-pure and save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars. The Multi-Pure removes 69 contaminants and it doesn't remove minerals that are crucial for your health and well-being, unlike the popular reverse osmosis filter (which also wastes 3 to 5 gallons for every gallon it produces). Multi-Pure is made of a solid carbon block filter that filters out particles that are no larger than .5 submicrons in size! unlike the brita which only filters particles no larger than 50 microns! I consider myself a water guru. I know a whole heck of a lot about water. I've spent years doing research and looking for the ultimate option for pure drinking water. I also here that Mt. Fiji water is really good too, but who knows with more than 40% of bottled water actually being just tap water. In a world full of tricky advertisment tactics as we are bombarded by the media from every direction, it's hard to tell what's real or not. I searched long and hard for an honest company that valued good ethics and morals. But I finally found one. Multi-Pure has been in business for over 30 years, well before the new bottled water/filter trend of the early 90's. Did you know that bottled water is now the second fastest growing beverage in America (next to soft drinks). I am a rep for Multi-Pure if anyone is interested in trying out.
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    Some of the best water anywhere is right here in san francisco. If you didn't know it, SF gets its water from the Toulemne River, which drains the mountains above Hetch Hetchy valley in yosemite national park. SF's water supply is so good in fact that [due to source watershed protection] the city has a filtration waiver, so that there doesn't have to be a giant treatment system for the water. If you go downtown to the SFPUC offices on market street, they actually sell city water (hetch hetchy water) in bottles (just like arrowhead or evian etc.)! So be very thankful that we have such great water here, because many cities in the state use water from the Delta, which isn't nearly as pure as hetch hetchy water.
    • true hetch hetcy water is some of the best..and the City does not need to treat it with a full blown treatment system...but they do need to add chlorine for is an EXCELLENT example of where the use of one of the block carbon filters discussed above will result in one very fine product

      p.s. bottled water does not need to be chlorinated at all....
  • The cleanest fresh drinking water in the world
    would be from a distiller in your kitchen.
    It's far better than filtered or spring water, because it's 99.99% pure water.

    Distilling removes not just some, but ALL bactereria, viruses, heavy metals,
    pharmaceuticals, chemicals, gasses, plastics, everything from the water.

    It's worth reading:

    Distilling your own water, you won't have a $5 billion water-filter industry trying
    to sell you more propaganda. They have a huge incentive to misrepresent
    their filters, to keep you buying them over and over again. Just as the bottled
    water industry wants to keep you on the hook.

    For the cleanest outdoor source of water,
    you could always try arctic icemelt or the glacier ponds in Greenland.

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